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SlingBelt Carrying System

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the SlingBelt system is now available!

SLINGBELT the world's most comfortable and versatile support for cameras, lenses, binoculars and additional equipment.

The advantage of the SlingBelt is its fixed position carrying system. Our patented Twist & Lock mount allows you to attach a camera or binoculars to your hip. Add a second mount with a side holster if desired. A quick rotation and your camera is deployed discreetly. Want to access your camera faster? The included Sling Tether allows you to hang your camera for instant shooting.

  • Patented Twist & Lock support for safety and stability.
  • Distributes the load across the body to alleviate weight on the neck and shoulders.
  • Ideal for DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras.
  • SLING TETHER, independently functional, included as emergency safety.
  • SLING BELT for one camera, Rain cover, Anodized aluminum camera hub with rubber washer, Camera hub mounting bolt, Harness tether strap, Allen key
  • One size up to a height of 137 cm (54'')
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      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System
      SlingBelt Carrying System

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      Features of SlingBelt

      The system starts with the SlingBelt. This ergonomically designed belt sits comfortably and distributes the weight of your gear across your hips. Say goodbye to upper body fatigue and eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

      Included in the package

      (1) SlingBelt System

      (1) Wanderer side holster

      (1) tether strap

      (1) Coverage against bad weather

      (1) Mounting hardware

      Funded at over 1200%

      After our first huge success on Kickstarter, we gave it another chance with our latest design, the SlingBelt & Lens Bucket system. It was a success. With 1,200% funding and over $150,000 raised over 40 days, we are thrilled to have our Slingbelt system as the flagship product in our collection. A larger lens via the lens foot on your lens to ensure maximum comfort. The harness also fits comfortably under a backpack.


      Original Cotton Carrier, flat, virtually indestructible, frictionless, hard anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to continue using your tripod with our system.

      Weather coverage

      The G3 weather blanket is designed for the elements. This free-standing bag is weather-resistant and protects against dust and water. There is 10 inches of clearance inside. Complete with clip to attach.

      Our updated design also includes

      • 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects

      • 30 day no questions asked return policy

      • Same day or next day processing

      • 24/7 customer service from real humans

      Frequently asked questions

      How to use a tripod or quick release?

      The hardware has a countersunk hole for using tripods. If you are using a quick release, we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or the Arca Swiss Universal L-Bracket.


      Size for women

      The harness system is one size with 6 points of adjustment. We receive a lot of positive feedback from female photographers.

      Size for short or tall people

      Systems are one size fits all, ranging from 66 cm (26 inches) to 145 cm (57 inches) waist size.

      Return policy

      One month of no-questions-asked returns and 3 years of technical warranty.

      Does the system work for large telephoto lenses like a 600mm?

      The support will not give way under the weight of your camera and lens. A 600mm puts your weight forward and for some this becomes a little awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

      Can I add another camera or binocular case after?

      Yes, we offer a modular side case with camera or binocular hardware. You can also purchase the individual hardware for the cameras or binoculars independently.

      Can I put my camera in the binocular carrier receiver? Or vice versa?

      All parts use the same twist and lock system, allowing you to place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver.

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